character mesh

I have done my first approach to model a human character for a game but it looks kind of pixelated ( especially chest)… I have not used any modifiers besides mirror. What I did wrong ? Any advices for human modelling? Is there a way to make him more real-like (less pixelated)?

On the toolshelf (panel to the left) in Object mode, click on the “Smooth” button under the Shading category

First, you haven’t applied a Subdivision Surface modifier or any smoothing. That’s the reason for the faceting.
But before you do any of that you need to work on your topology. Topology refers to the way in which your mesh lines flow with the contours of the body. Take a look at the mesh in this thread by Albron.

See how the lines flow with the muscles. Do a Google search on modeling humans and you should get quite a few tutorials.

Steve S

Thx a lot, object smooth saved my life. As for topology he is wearing clothes that’s why u don’t see muscles and cntours of the body xP. Can I ask if it is better to model topology yourself or or create a very simple one and use subsurf for a low,mid poly game character?

If you are going to animate your character, then good topology isn’t just about creating pretty muscles. It’s about how your character deforms when you pose him. Good topology will also let you create and modify the shapes you want with fewer vertices. In the case of your present mesh, a LOT fewer.

“Topology” refers to how the vertices are connected. All meshes have “topology.” When you model, you are creating “topology.” The real question is, are you creating good and useful topology, which you can modify and animate easily, or are you creating poor topology, which will be hard to work with?