character: mira

PS CS Wacom Intuos 2 (platinum edition)

traitor i love all your work it just has, that feeling to it . once again very nice .

I like the composition in this one.

the dynamic feel, and the impact it makes :slight_smile:

reminds me of some manga choreography and style (not in the drawing, but in the concept)

also I like the colors combination chosen…

[his right arm though, could be a bit long…]

his? i thought it was a she… sorry dude.

Nothing to crittique, looks really good!..I also thought he was a she…

aye, mira is a she.

hopefully i’ll refine her trenchcoat a little more too.

Extrudeface: thanks, i was focusing quite alot on the colours chosen for this noe, so that means a lot.

“his? i thought it was a she… sorry dude.”

heck, that happens to me for browsing with the monitor pretty dark…

yep, Traitor, the gamma is very well chosen, armonized. (as I see it)
and Imho the empty space above works for your intention in the composition. Giving it a more magic, isolation feel of it, can’t explain well in english, but that also helps a lot to give it strenght. Some refining in hands, and cloth areas, (just some few strokes to basicly explain the shape, if want to keep it not too detailed) like in the face, would make it top notch ended art.


Interesting style