Character modding and creation

I’m posting what I hope is a simple request but as of right now I don’t have a working pc and I would like to have characters ready for when I start an animation group in the hopes we can work on something, I did manage to save most of the work prior to it breaking down. I have a fox and rabbit character. The rabbit character looks good but I was hoping to fix up the ears, I’m not sure if the fox needs any work besides textures that fit the model but the main request is to mod the fox to make it female and the rabbit as well. I would like to have a male and female cat character, that would be about it. My email for the group is “[email protected]” it’s not necessary a group to help me but we could discuss story ideas so maybe we could work on a project u want to do, give and take so to speak. Thanks

You ar using a sculpted model that will put a lot of unnecessary load on the hardware.

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How can u tell? I sculpted them myself, how much of a difference does it make?

Well its hard to tell how much load it will make still animating a mesh is calculating position of all vertices and lower number you have the lees calculation is needet. There’s a reason why games use lower resolution meshes. In a movie it does not really matter if you have PC power and time to spare. Still sculpted models need retopology to bump them down to reasonable resolution and quality. And how can I tell, well if you want to use the ones in Fox and Rabbit All Partical Full Fluff then it’s obvious for anyone by looking at wireframe of a mesh.
The mesh shood look like the one on the right.

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Wow, how do I fix my characters cause I just thought it taking so long was just part of the process but if I can fix them that would be great. Will they still look good? The rabbit was really hard and long to make it actually look good. How do the characters look btw cause I believe the fox is done but the rabbit needs work on the ears.

First you have a ton of files there so i dont even know which one is the one you call finished. Second look up retopology in bledner on youtube. This is not the place for long posts outside the topic.

Thx, I’ll do that and now the only problem left is getting the cat character. I believe it’s the fox and rabbit all particals full fluff 7