Character model First Try Please give suggestions on improvement

heres the render after day 1:


It looks ok so far. Describe to us of your modeling intentions a little more. Are you going for toon looking character? Do you intend to rig it up for animation? If so showing us the mesh flow is important.

heres the updated model with the wire frame. It is supposed to be a cartoony character and i’m gonna make a short movie out of it.


cute :slight_smile: you may try and smooth the head a bit, it looks a little blocky, and also if you intend to animate it, i would watch Johnathon williamsons tutorial on on shoulder topology so it will bend easily. also i suggest adding a loop between the two legs to also help with deformation when you animate it.

good luck :slight_smile:

thanks :slight_smile: yeah i followed his tutorial on how to make a full human IK rig and that is what I’m using to animate him. It actually works pretty smoothly.

its a good attempt! better than my first (sooooooo bad). anyway. i would suggest having a closer look at the hips/pelvic region. it does seem a little flat. you might want to define where the legs start and the torso ends. this will help tremendously when placing your bones for rigging. also (although i cant really see from a this angle) but have you got a clear placing of the elbow? if you look at a profile can you see where the upper arm ends and where the forearm begins?

these are just some simple ideas that helped me along (plus Cessen’s Meta-Rig is a lifesaver) when thinking about modelling for rigging)

Thanks. Yeah ill work on the elbows and hip region, but actually its animating quite smoothly right now. I took extra care to get as few triangles as i could because those are what usually makes the animating bad

update on the model: