Character Model "Green Lancer"

Hi everyone, this is my new character mode, for now his name is “green lancer”
I based on this concept, a friend of mine did:


I use, zbrush for texturing some parts on the body and sculpting some details, but the most part i used Blender, was rendered in BI and the compositing was done in Blender and PS for the smoke and some light effects.

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hello . my name is …

OH really , I believe you are great! come on!

This is an excellent model. You really nailed the clothing textures; those are often quite difficult to do believably.

is it just me or do the ankles seem a little too skinny ?

Thanks everyone.

The render was done in Internal engine btw, is not finish i’m adding some more little details like partticle system on the cloth etc…

With Particle Hair

This deserves way more attention than it has got so far.

Stunning work!

Thank you.
I think what draws attention for most people’s is the small image related to the thread. But unfortunately is not appearing for many threads.

Pixar should be calling you soon!
Awesome work!

Many thanks!!!

btw, that was the last render i did, with particles on the cloth.

For the thumbnail to show up you must upload the image to your first post using the attachment system.

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Impresive work bro!
really amazing :slight_smile:
Is ok if I add you on skype or something?
I want to make new friends who are good at 3d so that someday I can make a team for a big project or just to share tips :slight_smile:

top notch! I just want to see him in not a T pose now!

Ok, no problem man, but i got no skype, just msn.

Oh, i didn’t know that, thank you.

Yes, I’m working on it today, I wanted him in an illustration.

And thanks again everyone for the support.

That is an awesome model, great work!

SSS, where is it. Regardless, really nice model and texturing.

I’m using 3 layers of SSS I just don’t like too noticeable, and also there is many lights in the scene.
Only appears some parts of the legs, so, i did not worry too much with the material.


I agree for a nonTpose version :smiley:

It looks great! But you need to draw more attention to the head.