Character Model - Kara

(Peter18) #21

Normals baked and added. Also added a spec map. Skin shader needs more work, but happy with how it’s going atm. Added the temp eyelashed back in aswell. Have also added the waterline around the eye, but it’s not that visible. There are also some black artefacts there when zooming in close, so need to work on that a little more. Any advice there would be appreciated.

(Peter18) #22

Put together a quick render. Changed the skin material to use the principled bsdf (or whatever it’s called). 500 samples, nothing fancy. Pretty Happy with the skin, and the diffuse map I’ve painted. Eyes still look crap to me though.

Eye makeup is still wip.

Should the eye have some SSS?

(yakuzakazuya) #23

Wow! Looks great.

The eyes seem kind of weird maybe because she is staring. You could try making the gaze look more relaxed by lowering the upper lids a bit:


The top part of iris should be covered by the upper eyelid while the bottom part of iris can be seen.

(Peter18) #24

Hmm…yeah, at the moment, it’s the thing I’m finding most annoying. I think I’ve got pretty good skin, and the area around the eyes seems fine I think (minus the temp eyelashes). I think the transition from Iris to eye (Scelera?) is too hard. Someone commented earlier that it looks like an 8 ball, and I agree. But it is 2 separate meshes, and modelled somewhat accurately in shape.

I think maybe some adjustments to the eye lids are needed, as mention above.

I think they are too flat maybe atm. Like, the angle of the edges are too flat, they should angle down/up slightly more I think?

Maybe it’s just the eyes shader looking too white?

(Peter18) #25

Changing one of the lights sizes to add more reflection to the eye seems to have helped a little. I’ve also made the pupils a tad bigger.

(Lapland) #26

Eyes are looking great,

One Note, the eye lashes, the lower eyelid should have less lashes and more flesh showing to define the eye shape.

the top eyelid needs more eyelashes OR more curvature covering the edges of the eyelid completely to make it look more full.

Make up cant hurt either.

Just my 2 cents :smiley: keep up the good work.

(Peter18) #27

Alot happier with the eyes now. Fixed up the eye makeup. Lashes are still temp mesh lashes. Should hopefully be able to work on lashes and brows over the next couple of days, although I have never done particle brows or lashes, so that should be…interesting.

I think the eye makeup on the spec map could be better. Atm its a uniform color, providing a slight spec to it. Generally, it’s a matt finish, but looks like something is missing. Maybe it’s just too black, and I should make it slightly off black?

(Jeannot) #28

I took a screenshot and gave a few critics, hope you don’t mind, I just want to help!

(Peter18) #29

Thanks for that!

yeah, ignore the lashes, they are temp mesh ones.

The noise in the iris is just Cycles being weird I think.

The weird shadow is a weird one. I think it’s the waterline I added.(I just gave it a glossy transparent shader) It looks like there’s a gap between the corner of the eye and the ball, but I checked and there isn’t. I’ll investigate that a little more.

Thanks for the input!! :smiley:

(Jeannot) #30

:slight_smile: Another thing is that your eyeball looks completely spherical, real eyeballs are more like eggs.

Perhaps looking at this will help!

(Peter18) #31

Started working on the particle lashes. It’s quite tedious. Still needs some work, but not too bad as a first attempt. There are two layers of lashes. I’ll add a 3rd with some thinner hairs to balence things out a bit. Shader is just principled hair bsdf set to black.

(Peter18) #32

OK…last update for today (probably). Fixed the eyes I think. There is still the weird shadow, I don’t quite know why it’s there. I’ve checked geometry, but hey ho…this’ll do for the time being. I’ll find out what’s causing it eventually and fix it.

So the iris has always been too dark compared to my texture. So I made the iris a seperate object, and turned off shadow. We now see the eye at the color it’s meant to be! (may tone it down) Still need to do something about the border being a little too black, but good progress. I also added a RGB curve node, and tweaked some values for the eye texture. Now less white.

(Jeannot) #33

Much better! The iris now properly transition to the white, the blue is no longer noisy :slight_smile: The shadow is most likely due to the thickness of your cornea object. The reflection in your eyes is too much glass like. Do you use an IOR of 1.45 (default) if so, you should try 1.33 which is the IOR of water, its the water in the eyes that gives the gloss.

That black all around is really distracting…

Also the skin is too smooth, it needs more imperfection, right now sort of looks like ballistic gel skin.

(Peter18) #34

Ok ok…last one.

Small tweaks to eye UV. Toned down the gloss a little. Also, switched to more simple black eyeliner around the eye. One of the main issues with the eye makeup I think is that it’s not very sharp. I’m using an 8k texture, but it’s still sort of pixelated a little! Rest of the skin texture I painted looks fine, however.

@Jeannot I was using a slightly differnt IOR, but adjusted it slightly to match 1.33 (wasn’t far off anyway), But I toned down the gloss a little. I do have a normal map. I’ve bumped it up a little. There are lots of frekles and other skin details painted. Just doesn’t pick it up too well I guess, huh?

(Jeannot) #35

Mmmh, In 2.8, I know for Eevee, when turning on SSS I need to check on Separate Albedo to conserve textural details. However I cannot find that setting in cylces but It may very well be the case if you are using the principled shader over the other SSS option.

Are you using an HDRI to light the scene or just a standard 3 point light system?

(Peter18) #36

Just standard 3 point lighting. I may still have slightly too much SSS anyway. I’m yet to do an SSS map, so atm it’s kinda general which I guess could be washing it out a little. In latest image I upped the normal value to 2. It was at 1.2.

Bumped both SSS down a tad, and put normlal back to previous value. and got this. It was pretty much the same before I used the principled shader aswell honestly.

(Peter18) #37

OK, I can sleep happy now.

Seems slight tweak to the lighting, aswell as a slight change to my diffuse shader, and we’re good. 500 sample render helps too. I’ve also removed the eye makeup. I’m not sure how to do it properly, so am gonna leave it for the time being

(Peter18) #38

Got the eyelashes done. Will probably add a few more to the top, but for now I’m happy with it. Next up is Eyebrows…Also, a few more small tweaks to the eye material.

So much like Lashes, I’ve never done eyebrows before. So…

I plan multiple layers of particles. The first is the main sort of fill layer, which defines the shape, and then I’ll add another one which will have a few of the scragglers out on the edge etc…

So I’ve put down some base hairs, but when I add children…

The children fill up the whole emitter area, and don’t tend to adhere to the parent hairs.
Does anyone know how to get the children to follow the position of the parents a little more?

Also, I’m just using the principled hair shader at the moment. I don’t really know what I’m doing with materilas atm, but I’ll get the particles right before worrying about it.

EDIT: Also, new test render with eyelashes and eye tweaks

(Peter18) #39

Eyebrows are quite difficult to get right. I find the same when I do digital painting. Too thick, and they look weird, but too think and they also look weird. Need to find the balance. Not getting on with Particles too well atm. Simple children follow the parent hairs too closely to be any use, and interpolated (?) follow the whole mesh, so at the moment, I’m using vertex group value to control density. I guess weight paint is the way to go?


Got the eyebrows to a point where I’m happy. You can see the old brow on the left, and the tweaked brow with 2 particle systems on the right. Will tweak a little bit more I think, but for now, I’m happy with it.

(James) #40

@peter18 Wow! Glad to see your spending lots of time on the eyes, it’s really starting to pay off. Howeverrr… the eye brow… I know your happy with it, and please don’t hit me…but for me, looking at it with fresh eyes, it looks drawn on and seems flat. Eyebrows do have a bit of mass to them, and do cast a subtle shadow under certain lighting. It shows up most the bottom left shot in your screen shot since its at an angle.

Sometimes it helps to stop for a few hours and come back. I’ve done it myself - spent hours on something and got happy with the result only to hate it the next morning when i look at it again.

Good job with the eyeballs though, they look great now.