Character Model work in progress

So this is what I am currently working on. I welcome any critiques if anyone have any.


A lot of people don’t know about measurements of the human head and they often make the same mistakes that you did. Mainly, you need to bring your eyes closer together and align the pupils with the corners of the mouth.

Thanks, I’ll make the adjustments and thanks for the reference.

So I don’t know if it’s noticeable but I did make some changes to the face. I was sorta getting a little frustrated with it so I moved on to the clothes and might make a few more changes later with a fresh mind. I am going for a more characterized look with just a little realism mixed in.

Currently I’m about to attempt to make some polygon hair for this guy but I would like any critiques if anyone have any. I’m making a character that was hit by lightning and that’s the scare on his chest. I will be putting a shirt on him but I haven’t decided how I want the shirt to look.

I know he’s not perfect but I’m always coming back to this character making small adjustments over and over again.

Also If anyone have any tips on making polygon hair let me know. this will be my first time attempting this so I hope it turns out good. I will try to post my results of the hair by the end of the day.