Character Model

Hi guys,

Although this is my first post here, I’m not new here, used to post quite regularly here many years back!

I’m looking to get some critique for my male character model (made with Blender 2.8). Just need to know if the topology looks good and whether the anatomy looks right. I’m not going for super realistic but not too cartoony either.

The idea is to use it for a film and eventually maybe sell it on BlenderMarket.

Link to Model: Male Body Full - 3D model by danan (@danan) - Sketchfab

Thanks in advance!

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Hey Danant, first off let me say that it always makes my day when people take their character modeling serious in blender. I wondering how you went about creating the character , did you sculpt it then go though with retopo or did you model this out in edit mode?

Thanks Samuel,
I went about it the hard way and did poly-by-poly modeling, editing and positioning each vertex one at a time. I was following Jonothan Williamson’s topology tutorials and tried to get it as close to it as possible, since I’m looking to use it for animations and also to create variations for the character (possibly turning it into a female character later).

nose looks a little short to me? leaving a wide upper lip area.

That is a long and hard process, props to you. So the topology in Johnathan’s tutorials is pretty great for the most part. I’m not sure exactly what kinda of balance between cartoony and realistic you are going for. Do you have a reference?