Character model

This is the base of a character model I am working on. I did a VERY hi-poly version of it(I just started 3D design a month ago) cuz I went a lil crazy with subdivision smooth, so I been trying to make a lo-poly version of it.

This is the hi-poly version I did. Poly Count = about 58k polygons.

I posted in another forum and said that it is too hi-poly for game use, so they suggested I do a lo-poly version of it, a MUCH lower version. so I started out with this base. poly Count = 2k polygons.

Now, my doubt right now is, how can I make this lo-poly model look like the hi-poly? I’ve read about mapping, but I cant seem to understand it quite well, And sculting is pretty hard for me without subdividing. Any help will be greatly appreciate it =D.

First, I would retopologize as much as possible ( you already have the low poly mesh done, so all you need to do is snap the vertices to the high poly mesh. Then once that is done, bake a normal map.

ok, I’ll watch the video, thanks. So that means i can use the low poly mesh I have?

I think so. I don’t see why not. Other than the face is really low poly. Depending on how you want to use the character, you may want a little more detail there

alright I’ll try it. One last question before I go on, when I mark the seam, should I make it in the middle of the whole char?

Usually, it is best to either have seems that are as hidden as possible, or follow natural seams of clothing

yeah, I learned it the hard way right now lol. I had a completely distortioned map cuz of marking them incorrectly.