Character model

So this is the first time I’m doing any serious character modelling, and was done loosely following David Ward’s Tim Burton-style character tutorial series.

Some tips on the face would be especially nice, but overall critique is welcome.

Thread image:

(i kind of just gave up on getting the ear right, it’ll be hidden by hair on the final model anyway. advice’d be nice though)
(i think the arms look a little weird, but i’m not sure how to fix them)

Here are some shots of the somewhat dubious topology:

the area circled in red where multiple loops converge is called a star, and is considered a topology no no.

Thanks! Does this look better?

yes that looks a lot better.

Touched up the face a little.

Tried some texture painting.

looking pretty nice. the ear could use some work.

Added hair.

It’s looking a bit odd in places, so any tips would be great.

do you know that you can use a texture as input for your brush tip? so if you based it on a clouds texture or something, it would give it a more mottled appearance, and less air-brushy. I’m not really a grooming master, but an additional particle system could probably help to soften the hair line.

I’m not sure if I did that right, but i touched up the hair a little anyway. It’s got some odd stray strands sticking out where I’ve put arrows here, though, but I don’t know what’s causing it.

Edit: I just realized I forgot to turn on random hair length for these renders, so it looks a little neater at the edge than it should.

I’m not entirely sure what you mean by another particle system, could you clarify a little more please?

if you go into vertex edit mode while in particle grooming mode, you can delete individual hair segments.

I did that, and it looks better now.

Also started adding some clothing.

The shirt isn’t finished (I’m gonna close it up in the front when it is), but I’d like some feedback on how I can make it look nicer.

For reference, the design I’m working with here is the titular character of Legenden om Kaptein Dante (The Legend of Captain Dante), which is a musical that was written by two of the interns at my previous school. Here’s a reference drawing, and here’s a photo from the show.

Finished the clothes and started rigging.

The shirt clips a bit through the collar, but I’ve fixed that since rendering this.

looks really good. I always like a good hat.
(edit) whoops, forgot it was the focused critique section…ermm…the background is a bit stark.

I would say… Perhaps even out the coloring on the clothes if you want a more realistic look. UNLESS, this is the style you’re going for. Besides that, amazing work my friend!

Thanks! And I’ve considered having this thread moved to the WIP section because I feel like it’s become more of a WIP thread
than a critique one. I’ll try that with the clothing though.

On the subject of hats, I’ve had some problems with the hair clipping through the hat and I have a feeling that’s going to be a big problem when I start posing animating. How could I avoid that?

If the hair has collisions applied to it, then add collisions to the hat as well.