Character model

Hi guys
This is my first blender project. What can I do to improve it? I know that the hair is not right yet but I don’t know how to improve it.

Very good work so far. My first suggestion would be to make the feet a bit bigger. They look a little out of proportion. I like the hair from what I can see.

I would make the elbow joints a little more defined. nice model.

I think the subsurface scattering in the hands and ears is a little strong. The wrinkles on the clothing seem unnatural too.

hands are too big, feets are too narrow, and make the hips bigger. give the arms and legs a bit more shape. they seem to be too smooth/flat. just try to add a knee, and elbow.

about the face, something looks wrong with the eyes, but i know how hard the eyes can be… but they just look wrong somehow.
also the upper lip is too sharp, and is shaped a bit too much like a V.

other than that i think its quite good. keep working on it and tweeking it.

also the clevage seems a bit strange. the tits are quite small, so there should not be a clevage. looks like shes wearing a really dam tight bra, witch is kinda ehh :confused:
bigger tits, or smaller clevage.

also i noticed, try to make the collar bones? those right above the chest. try to make them more curved. they seem to be quite flat now. try and curve them slightly throughward the sholders. also, the try to add neck muscles. not much, just a bit. makes it a lot better :stuck_out_tongue:

She looks like Elsa from Frozen. Maybe you could split the hands, there is no elbow defined.

Thank you guys for your feedback. Here is a new version with:
Smaller hands
Bigger feet
Better elbow joints

Nice, i think i would change the eyes, she looks like if she is starring at her nose, let her have some more eye white near nose side.

Looking good! I agree with Razorblade on having more white on the nose side of the eyes. I would also bring both eyes inwards as they look too far to the outside. I also think finalbarrage has a point with the cleavage. I personally would keep her breasts small (as it seems most CG art tends towards bigger breasts, and keeping them small will make yours different.) and I would lessen the crease of her cleavage.

The wrinkles in her shirt look a bit sharp, and the shape doesn’t seem natural. I would look at some reference on how wrinkles appear in shirts of that type.

Lastly, looking at the to of her pants, they appear to be jeans (assuggested by the pocket, and zipper) yet they look WAY too tight. Her shirt is loose, and the jeans don’t fit the look. I would either make the jeans a bit more relaxed as to be natural (skinny jeans are OK, as long as they are natural) or I would turn her jeans into another type of material. Sweats, tights, or something.

Overall, it looks good!