Character modeler and rigger.

I am trying to put A short film together but what I have in animation I lack in modeling. I’m looking for someone with knowledge of character modeling and rigging in blender, it would be A plus if you know how to texture and set up materials. If your interested send me A link to your portfolio and if I like what I see we will go from there. Rest assured you will Be fully credited for the work you do.:slight_smile:

Hi malachileschorn. I’m looking to expand on my portfolio, linked below, and wouldn’t mind taking a look at your project. If you’d send me some examples or 2D reference images of what you’re looking for, that would be great and we can discuss from there. You mention full credit, but can I ask, will I be able to incorporate clips of the finished product into my demo reels and use still images of work I do in my portfolio? Will it be free work or deferred payment? Please feel free to contact me.