Character modeler looking for a team to join(not paid)

I am a character modeler(hobby for now) looking for a good game team to join, I replied to the horror survival thread, but no one has responded, I was just wanting to see if anyone has any ideas, just to clarify this would be for experience, not money.

matter would also be interested in a character. modeller, if you’re interested pm me

Always nice if you could post some pics of models you already made. I’m not in need of a moddeler myself, but just saying. :smiley:

What type of character(s) are you looking for?
(And any chance that Matter will be under GPL?)

I would like to work on something bioshock-esk( for the interesting characters)
I would post some pics, but I recently had a major hard drive crash and lost all my work.
Do be warned I am used to doing subdivision modeling, although I will try my best to keep poly count low.

Thnx to all the people who replied so far, your projects look amazing, but are not quite what I am looking for.

Perhaps you might be interested in my project!
I need at least 6 base human characters, from about 12 points of the world! I’d like to see your works as well!
Characters must have customization abilities(shape keys)!

matter won’t be source available, at least until some time after release.

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IF there ain’t a project for you, just start modeling the characters,… and if these are any good, someone will be able to use them in a project… :wink:

Good luck on your search :slight_smile:

These are some pics of a recent character.
more in next post…

Please remember this is one of my first attempts at (semi) lowpoly.

Makes a good Matter Zombie? :slight_smile:


The zombies have to be sort of mutated creatures, which may be a challenge. Don’t worry if you’re not up to it :slight_smile:
Human originins but enhanced arms and skulls

sorry these had to go on the main thread, private message wouldnt let me send images from my hard drive

your project looked really cool, and I thought about joining, but then Altalic77 PMed me and if the images I just posted are good enough, then hopefully I will join his/her project.

could you model these for me?

Could I ask what project this would be for, as I would rather commit to a project than do freelance

You could help us in Hellfire, mostly i need a human body modeler

I think that all you need to model is a basic description and concept art right?

PM me if you’re interested :slight_smile: