Character Modeling 101?

Hey all! I have been kicking around here in Blender for… well about six months or so, and I have to say that my experience has been overall very positive. The people on here have been very helpful, and with tutorials galore, I believe I finally have a grasp on most of the basics.

Well, most of the basics except one: Character modeling. What can I say, I suck at it! Every time I try, even with a reference picture, I can’t quite get the result that I want! Every time I render my character that I attempt, it always looks blocky, and I just hate the look of it. Also, I refuse to use programs that pre-make characters for you, because you don’t have any control over it, and in the end I know I won’t be taken seriously unless I can manage to make characters myself. Non-sucky characters, anyway!

I guess the whole point of my little thread is this: Does anyone have any advice or tutorials that could help me not suck at making characters? I have tried the BlenderCookie one already, and while it is very helpful, I feel that it doesn’t quite teach me everything I want to know.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you for your patience in reading this, and I hope to learn alot from your fantastic collective knowledge!

My advice is don’t worry about it. It takes time and you’re going to have to pay
your dues as they say. Dude most people in this world can’t even make a wooden box let alone a Human. So feel good about what you can do.

I highly recommend you model other stuff as you go along because it helps
make you better at Topology. That’s very important in Character modeling.

Also make sure to avoid the habit of making everything perfect
and symmetrical when making a human. That is a problem I have seen in the CG
community for a long time now. Humans are not symmetrical in anyway. There are always some imperfections.

Maybe you could just work on making low polygon humans like there used to be
in the Play Station and Xbox days. If you can get that down you’ll eventually
be able to make anything you want.

Yeah, that is pretty solid advice. I see these ridiculously awesome characters that are textured perfectly and it leaves me drooling. But of course, these people have been working with Blender for years, and I know they didn’t learn overnight. What I DO know about character modeling, is that simplicity is pretty much the way to go, I mean unless I take the sculpting route, but sculpting to me seems… imprecise.

But I know where you are heading, to just do trial and error, and build my tools over time and eventually things will turn out alright. Yeah, 3d animation is a tool for patient people, but when used properly I really love the results.

Honestly I picked Blender to work with because I love the support that people give, and yeah I could download a pirated version of 3ds max, but I could never update it, and I havent really seen forums like these for anything else really worth mentioning. But it IS really easy to get frustrated and give up on a project, haha!