Character modeling artist for Blender


(Pistol Ioan Alexandru) #1

We are looking for long term Character modeling artists that can work remotely with Blender 2.8, and to be able to develop a series of 3d cartoon characters for the series.
This is an ongoing project, and the right candidate can have a lot of work in the future. Our project is a TV series animation for kids called The Diddlys Please send us your portfolio with your recent works, and also how much you ask for a character.
We offer between 50$ to 100$ depending on the complexity, and we also offer concept drawings for each character.
We seek for character modeling with low polygons and Subdivision Surface. "

[email protected]

(Radut Irinel ) #2


Would love to take part of your projects, Blender 2.8 is one of my most important software in my workflow. Please check my portofolio on =>

Best regards,
Irinel Alexandru

(Pistol Ioan Alexandru) #4

Hey Alex,

First of all your works looks great!
And thanks for your interest, but we need some time to select the right candidates for this job.

Looking Forward,

(Cire) #5

Just sent an email… hope to hear back!

(Pistol Ioan Alexandru) #6

I will answer you shortly,
Thank you!

(snatkumar1982) #7

I am seen ur video like the ur work
I am interested my artwork link