Character Modeling Help

Very new to blender so please no “Like Duh!” answers. I’m structuring the shape of a character’s head I’m creating and I noticed after a bit that a bunch of the planes seemed to be shaded darker. What is even stranger is how symmetrical this shading is, but do note that I am using a mirror modifier so that probably explains it. Can anyone please let me know if this is a problem, if it needs to be fixed, and if it will effect my later modeling? Also, if I could be told why this is happening that would be great also.

And if you want to throw out any tips for my modeling, that would be very much appreciated too. Thanks so much!


Select all vertices
Remove doubles (W / remove doubles)
Recalculate face normals (Ctrl+N)

Thank you so much! It probably doesn’t seem like a lot to you, but I can finally stop worrying about that. Can you explain what exactly that was and why it happened? Are there “fronts” and “backs” to the planes and one side is darker than the other?

Some faces are pointing forwards and some are pointing backwards, you want them to all be consistent with each other

When you add faces at certain angles compared to faces already in place, Blender makes it’s best guess at which way they are facing. If you think about it, it is a subjective call, so sometimes the normals are facing inward instead of outward. It usually happens when some large section of a model has yet to be filled in.

I hope this helps clear up the mystery. :slight_smile:

It definitely does! Thank you both, my goal is to learn every little thing about this program and one day teach it. Every little detail helps!


Yes, Blender assume strangely sometime, meaning that even if you aren’t making any modelling mistake, you can be sure at some points Blender will have assumed very wrongly and you’ll have inverted normals.
A simple example how to obtain unwanted inverted normals :

  • Add a plane
  • select the plane , press E to extrude and extrude it down on the Z axis .
    Just that, and your newly obtained cube has inverted normals :confused:

So one of the reflex to have while modelling is from time to time select all -> (W -> Remove Doubles just in case) and -> CTRL+N to recalculate the normals Blender will have wrongly “guessed” (and you’ll see that unfortunately it’s “guessing” wrong more than you would want)