Character Modeling - How Did You Learn?


So I’ve been trying to push into 3D for a few months now. Been using DigitalTutors, BlenderArtists, Blendernation, youtube, etc. Needless to say, I’ve made a lot of progression!

However, character modeling still seems to stump me. What paths did you take to learn character modeling?

Was there one lesson that just made it click? Did you just do plenty of character modeling tutorials and after 10 models were confident enough to do your own?

Any tips or lessons or links that you believe would be helpful would be great!

Same way i learned drawing,by copying other people and their techniques.It’s fun to model something that someone else has modeled and checking their model for reference on how they approached a certain problem.

Drawing was easier though since you kinda get a feeling of proportion after a while.modeling,not so much.

CG cookie has some intro video for characters
how to work with nice flowing topo for animation ect.

but takes time I guess to get the right way to do it

happy bl

practise practise and even more practise :wink:
don’t start with something too hard
I’ve tried people lots of times over the yrs (in lots of programs)
[ never made anything a facehugger wouldn’t run AWAY from lol ]
then I get disappointed and leave it for months :frowning:
today I decided to really really try harder and I started off trying the Chinese “Luckycat”
after my 5th or more attempt I got something that looks like the cat
unfortunately it musta fell down the stairs or something 'cos theres bumps and dents on it
but I’ll try again and one day it will look half good

i found the best way to model was by sculpting
i had problames modeling characters and getting the topol right but when i started learning to sculpt it just started getting better and better then all i had to do was retopoligise my models but doing the sculpting and retopo takes a long time so when i just straight up model i do it for low res
when i first started learning blender i would try something new and not finish it and then i started getting better after learning to sculpt i posted some of the stuff that i never finish in my sketchbook and what i can do now.

sculpting gives you so much room to do anything you can think of when you get it down

I have found the techniques found here:

to be enjoyable.

Having front and side 2d reference images are extremely helpful. I’ve tried to winging modeling without reference images and it is touch.

I would also encourage you not to stress typology too much as you are starting out. It’s important to learn, but just get in there and start modeling, the skills to build properly defined models with elegant flow will come.

Don’t add too much detail too soon.

Awesome everyone, this is very helpful!

Videos like this inspired me, but I still am not pro.