Character modeling! I still need help

Hi blender community

I have an extremely hard time modeling characters that look good. I have tried modeling the head first, the body first, the legs first, mirror modifier, subsurf modifier, etc. Are there any general guidelines to model characters that look realistic?

P.S. I have been waiting for awhile

I used to have same problems as you. There’s really no guidelines, actually. Try doing something i did to get comfortable: Design whatever you want. Human, machine, whatever. Do it until you get the hang of everything in the program. Modifiers, loop tricks, extrusions and subdivision correspondence, etc. Trust me, it sounds naive and typical, but it works like magic. (:

do you have a sample of your current work you can point us toward? i would be happy to share some tips! but i need to know where your at so i can see exactly what sort of help you need.

I totally agree with Thetax. I just use each modifier separately, and then I know when to apply and use them for a model

There are no guidelines, but here’s a simple one you can use that really helps: model the whole body with less than 2,000 vertices. This will help you find which geometry is the most important for defining your model. Then apply a subsurf of 1 and add more detail. increase subsurf to 2 and so on, usually until 4. If you use multires or sculpting, then it’s best you develop your own method that works for you

Mirror, subsurf, Edgesplit, and deform are probably the most common modifiers, so know them well