Character modeling study - my sister

I’ve started work on my own first character in blender using reference images of my sister’s face as a start.

Current renders-


Wireframe screencaps are in attachments.

I don’t think she’d be very pleased with me if I posted reference images so I’ll omit them for now. I was just using them as a base anyways and don’t plan on making this an exact replica at all.

This is still a major Work-in-Progress and one of my first real modeling challenges. Please respond with critiques/pointers, thanks!


looks good but he mouth seem to be to low.

The nose looks a bit squished horizontally from the front view and the filtrum(ridge beneath the nose through to the top lip) is a bit too flared. Other than that, it is looking good to me:D

thanks for the tips, I’ll post a revision pretty soon

a few subtle adjustments were made concerning the edge of the lips, filtrum, width of nose and brow protrusion.



The structure of the nose is looking better, the gristle between the nostrils is looking far too thin though, I suppose that’s due to the mirroring though?
I don’t want to sound like I am pulling the thing apart, because most of my work is more stylized cartoony stuff, so I am just saying what I see :smiley:
Hope you don’t mind my crits:)

it is indeed, I need to space it out a little, guess I overlooked that spot :rolleyes:

oh no, I am quite enjoying them, please keep them coming-- I made this thread explicitly to gain some other viewpoints (after staring at a model for 3+ hours you start to miss some really obvious shortcomings) :cool: