Character Modeling

Ok I have a few questions. Firstly, i’m creating a character for a new animation project with a base mesh from MakeHuman. My first question would be, what is a good target amount of poly’s for a mesh that is say, on a comprable level of visual fidelity in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children (if you don’t know what that is… just… wow. jk :))? Of course that particulary movie probably used a ridiculously high end super computer rendering farm and far more powerful software to create it. Second, when I go to texture this character, should I subsurf, multi-res sculpt and then create UV Bump and Normal Maps from it and apply it to the lower poly model (subsurf level 2, mesh at this level is 179,000 polys)(high poly version is at 2,865,000 poly’s). Finally is my poly count to high for an animation or should it be much lower?


i think that is a bit much for realtime rendering yea^^ i think models from the current gen of games only have around 20k of polys at the most i think. look into how many are used for the game ff7:dirge of cerburus or kingdom hearts2. both featured models from the movie ff7ac, and they were pretty good and detailed for games. not as good as the movie, but very nice for playable stuff. im looking into this whole thing myself as i want to start making a minigame soon.

I’d say that a makehuman model isn’t your best bet for a character, because they’re designed to sort of cover everything, and depending on whether you want ultra realism, stylized realism, anime realism, anime or simple cartoony people, you will have either way not enough or way too many, and the model itself is very generalised.

Hey, as it is, I’d be happy to make you one to spec, I don’t have much to do in 3d and I’m looking for something to test myself. Free and everything. It even might be a bit of help for you because I’d be happy to explain what I was doing when I did it, which would give you a base idea on how to progress with any other characters you decide to make (I’d be happy to help with those too), and give you a sort of total look on what might go into making a character like that.

As it is, have any concept art or anything? And if you don’t mind me helping :smiley: do you want to do this in pms or in the thread.

holly- yea i expected as much from the standpoint of it being too many poly’s for realtime rendering. I was talking just computer animation, not realtime. (For Xbox however would probably work just fine with a good game engine.) I was just asking whether or not animating and rendering almost 200,000 poly’s would be too much for a rendered animation. would you consider this stylized realistic?) applies?)

ZombieJohn- No of course I dont mind you helping, I gladly welcome the assistance. We can take this to pm’s as probably will be a bit easier. I have some really bad concept art, (as I’m one of those guys that if you give him a pen and paper he can’t do squat but if you give him a computer, boom reality in your hand… hopefully haha). But mainly I’m aiming for a male in the lead role, tall, broad, african american, not ripped or anything, has to be relatively attractive, i’ll add extra details like an earring, chains, clothes, shade and texture him etc. For the other, tertiary not neccesarily important characters, I can probably use MakeHuman just to give quick, easy to use models.

MakeHuman models need subsurfed to prevent problems with the shaders. It might be best to subdivide selectively to stay under some of the higher ranges. They can be reduced to about 4500 polys and still look O.K for an extra at a distance. The final fantasy clip models might not be more 8000 polys. I personally think you’d be better off doing like I do; using them to make perfect reference images and make your own models. No matter what you do the modeling is going to be labor intensive.

I think the Final Fantasy images might fall under the heading of Anime Realism. For that, you definitely wouldn’t need so much in the way of polygons unless your character was really muscle-bound, anime realism hints better than it describe.

Blonder- I never really thought of it that way before. Using them to create good reference images sounds like a perfect idea.

ZombieJohn- Yea anime realism is kind of what I’m going for in the overall project i’m working on.