Character Modeling!

does anyone know where to find the Johnathan Williamson, Introduction to Character Modeling (where he does a character he created the drawing for, and opening in 2.4)

please? i found a site, but its not the original and has a lot of ads. Does anyone know if its on his Vimeo?

the tutorial is very useful. I really need it right now/

Edit: It used to be on…but has since been taken down O.o

Do you mean this one ?

yes thats the one, but its full of ads and stuff. It used to be available through, but it was hosted at vimeo. I cant seem to find the original upload…

I see no ads due to my browser settings i guess, on the linked website you can download the video (flv format) directly to avoid the ads :

There’s another character modelling tutorial with pictures as reference on blender 2.4x from the same author on vimeo :

thank you Its great that you found this, i looked for a good 3 hours ahaha :smiley:

WHere can i find that reference image?