Character modelling, a workflow discussion

I’m sorry if this is wrong the place to talk about this, but something has been bothering me.

You see, I love animating, even though I don’t consider myself good at it, that’s what I enjoy, I love creating characters of my own and then bringing them to life. Animating is what I love the most in 3D.

But as I said, I also enjoy creating characters, whether it’s poly-modelling or sculpting. it’s a lot of fun just seeing it take form in front of your eyes! However, there is a process in this that I despise and that it makes me feel sick to the stomach. Retopology.

Retopology to me is the most soul crushing thing that exists in all of 3D in my experience. You spend hours sculpting your fantastic dragon, adventurer, werewolf, dinossaur, etc, only to have to model a crap edition of it all over again which usually takes the double of time to make.
This to me makes me quit half the way, because all the motivation behind that character is gone. I was working on this very complicated dragon with large detailed wings, tons of scales, etc, and I gave up on it. The retopology process is not natural, I’ve already done it, the character is done! Now it’s time to rig! Now it’s time to texture! To bring it to life! Not to remodel it again and take twice as long. And yes, I have seen all the methods on how to retopologize a mesh in Blender and all of them are terrible. The only good method is when you press a button and it’s done! I don’t wanna deal with it at all!

But I love Sculpting, but I hate how useless the meshes are after you’re done. However, poly modelling is different. I love the fact that you straighten the topology out right from the start! Get the annoying part done first and making sure the topology is good for rigging along with blocking out the shape of the character is much more satisfactory for me.
Then all I have to do is simply place a multiresolution modifier on it, crank it to as high as I can and start sculpting the details, whether it’s scales, skin pores, etc. Then bake it all to maps and correctly apply everything and then proceed on to rigging, texturing, etc.

But for the last 2 years, people have been hammering me saying, " Oh, you need to sculpt and then retopologize that character otherwise it’s unprofessional" or " This is the industry standard, and you must know this!".

So I’ve been trying to do that like for about 2 years now, and frankly it’s killing me. I rarely finish a character anymore, and instead I sculpt, start retopo, quit and just go make an animation with one of mine existing characters instead.

So, I ask is there anyone outhere that finds retopology the incarnation of all Evil or is it just me? And do I really have to do it exactly like that? Or can I just do it my way and have my characters still be accepted?

Do it however you want, whatever feels right to you. If you are happy with the results, then you don’t need to have it “accepted”; unless ofc you’re working for a large animation company and they need the model done a certain way.

I too poly model 1st, if I ever sculpt. To me it’s 100 times easier to model and get a good topology 1st.

Do your own way. I accept you.

Who ever said you need to sculpt then retopo? The results you get are what matters. You’d only have to change your process if you were working in a team that has requirements for how it’s done. If you are capable of doing it the way others do it, then I don’t see the problem with using your own workflow when you are making things in your free time.