Character modelling - How to do proper loops & topology

Im trying to build a topologically correct Cartoon character.

i have designed the eyes & mouth that i want. but i have no idea how to add them correctly to a body to get them good to go for animations.

Please could i get some help on this one, i really need to get this right and i have no idea where to begin. i will keep working on it myself in the mean time though

thanks for any assistance


I’m not expert by any stretch, and what you’ve got there is looking great, but one ah-ha moment for me has been (and I’ve seen it multiple times, but am just now starting to implement it) is to rough it out low poly in the basic shape of what you’re looking for, then subdivision surface it and let the machine take care of the rest. Just a thought from a relative newb.

Thanks for the swift reply :slight_smile:
Yeah i have done a concept model so i have created it the way i want, so i know what im going for, (im not allowed to show it alas) but still what the real problem is is how to connect it to the body in a way that will allow me to rig and animate it. i want a fairly decent amount that i can do with the face, but this is really my first organic model that is not a simple tutorial lol im a beginner like you and ive been doing it a year lol so i should know this stuff by now lol but i have put of this type of modelling until now.

oh and this is with a subsurf lvl4 on it. i think they are only 8/16verts in edit mode :slight_smile:


here is how i have tried to connect the mouth, is this good? correct topology? the mesh is just a uv sphere…


Yeah rigging is a whole subject unto itself, and when it comes to that, well, if I can connect two bones to a cylinder and make the cylinder bend, I’m ahead of the game. I’m sure someone with (ALOT!) more rigging knowledge will be along with some pointers. Good luck with your build though :wink:

Thanks John, you too mate.