character modelling oc wip

Hey guys! I’m working on this character, improving many small details and trying out different hairstyles. Rendered with blender internal and cycles.
If you have any questions or critique please leave a comment. Hope you like it and have a great day!

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The overall model looks great, but that hair needs some work. Nice job!

@Safetyman: Thank you! Yes the hair needs some work. At the moment the haistyles don’t even cast shadows but render quickly! Only the eyebrows and eyelashes cast shadows. Thank you for your comment!

edit: moved the pictures from the first post here
rendered with blender internal


Here is a little update, about 130 renders later. Many details can be improved.
(click to see the reflection in the eyes) Thanks for looking!

rendered with blender internal

This looks really good. Reminds me of one of those GTA5 citizens.

@Spiderbot30: Thank you!

She’s working for this old man as is Blender Internal, guy. Keep refining her.

@ theoldghost: Thank you very much! I’m looking forward to make more animations like this one when I tried out some special effects with the dress some time ago:

btw, check out my new theme + article that I’ve posted

Working on some hairstyles and small improvements. Hope you like it, if you have any questions, let me know.
Rendered with cycles 500 samples.

The hair is much improved!

Very nice 8Dfineart…I like her teeth. One question though, if you don’t mind, which part of it you rendered in cycles and which part in Blender internal?

Thank you Safetyman! Here is one more hairstyle that I think could work.

Thank you riteshlakra! Glad you like it! The picures are either cycles or blender internal (updated the pictures with the render engine). I have 2 material sets for the character and the room, to be more flexible with animations or still pictures.

cycles 500 samples

This is some of the nicest hair styling work I’ve seen, if I had to pick a favorite, it would be the last render in post #10. Is there anyway you can post a view of the opposite side of her head in that render?

harleynut97: Thank you very much! Here is a render for you with the view from the other side and a variation with some curl:

cycles, 500 samples, 512 x 1024px

512 x 1536 px

This is beautiful! It’s definitely one of the best-looking human models I have seen! Every time I see that you have an update in this thread, I have to take a look. :wink:

Thanks for posting the opposite view… that looks very nice as well. I’m curious on something, and I also noticed it on post #13,
Is this the mesh showing thru, or is it some kind of shadows being cast from the lighting.

One other really nice feature of this, is you have managed to create a very attractive girl … I think her skin could benefit from some
natural imperfections … freckles, pores ect. It may be that you are just concentrating on the hair right now, and I haven’t read thru the entire thead. You have also done a great job on her makeup.

wolverine96: Thank you very much! Glad you like it! Also following your thread!^^

harleynut97: Thank you very much! Yes I’ve notized it, too. I made a quick closeup render and found it. My first guess was that it could be some curve segments but it turned out to be a moire pattern.
For now the low samples do a good job with some noise on the skin. At high resolution and closeup it would look quite flat. Maybe I try that out later but I have to fix a lot of weak spots first. Glad you like my model so far!
I’ve seen your short films, very nice work!

cycles 500 samples

Hi 8DFineArt

This girl is really looking super, really pretty. The vid you did a few posts ago was really fantastic, I watched it a number of times.


Thank you Speed7! I’m glad you like the model and the early video!
A little update and closeup render, cycles, 500 samples, 797 x 527 px. Mouth and eyes can be improved, working on that.

Wow! Sexy girl is getting better and better :smiley: