Character models, UV maps, and LOD ?

What’s the best way to handle game models that require multiple LOD? Is there an easy way to produce low poly models from high poly models while preserving the UV maps? Or do you have to make a new UV map for each LOD? Trying to match UV maps between different models is no fun to do by hand. ( I haven’t have much luck with decimate. )

just use render baking to bake the texture of the high poly object onto the low poly object. mismatched UV coords don’t matter because blender is reading the texture of the high poly object from the surface coordinates, not the UV coordinates.

Ah! I hadn’t thought of doing that. That’s a lot easier and doesn’t require any of the polys to match alignment at all.


The Decimate modifier can do a good job to generate lods and keeping UV and Weights (with some adjusting after) , by example with an object decimated at 50 % from the one next to it :

If you use baking (and so use a different texture for each lod) , you should make lower resolution texture for further lods, as lods are used at a distance in which the eyes will not make the detail, it would be a waste to have whatever game engine having to deal with multiple high textures when the eyes are not going to see much details.

Hmm good point. I guess you would need new textures for each LOD since the UV would be different. Time do so some tinkering and see what works best.