character models?

im sorry to ask all of you guys this but i really need a character anything or a creature like spiders or ants etc, i need them rigged (if possible) if not i can rigg them but i need them for a good reason *im not the best modeler, and i have no clue in this universe to create a human. so if you can send me the .blend or lwo that would be perfect thanks for your time and once again im sorry for this post. also if you have any tuts on how to make humans or bugs, etc please i would like to see those.

Download Make human, this comes with an armature system and makes good use of the autorigging in blender. An invaluable script for Blender which makes human creation very painless.

For free models, characters and others.

Hope these help,


thanks but i can’t use cdcafe im on a mac and most of the stuff is exe

broken left a rigged human in the model repository ( link in my sig ) and check also the thread for the animation challenge, there are a few rigged models available there