Character movement/animation trouble

Today I followed this tutorial:
to put my character’s animation into the game engine, now that worked fine, but when I went to make him actually move, I followed this tutorial:
to make my character move (by applying the movement logic settings to the empty inside my character.) now, it seems like it should’ve worked, but when I press “P” my character floats into the sky, rather than staying on the plane I have, and allowing me to control him!
any Idea what I did wrong? here’s the blendfile: Robot Movement.blend (177 KB)

in my opinion it’s not a good setup!
Anyway, disable “collision” for all the faces of all objects, cross-link the “move forward” sensor ( no need for a keyboard sensor for each object), use the “Z” value to move the character ( not the Y one).

um… in english please? :smiley:
(thx for the response tho)

WOW that tutorial is old. I wrote it literally about 6 years ago… I can’t believe that that page is still up!

woa! well… is it still valid? or is there an updated version somewhere?