character movement

how do make a character move in different directions similar to mario 64

Do you know basic logic brick editing?

Those are the strings of sensors (senses), actuators (brains), and actions (commands) that are in the game engine buttons window.

If not, I would learn the basics. Then, you could create a walk cycle IPO and combine that with the basic movement.

i know the basics but i dont want the character to move in a tank style direction like resident evil. i want the character to move in any direction and input that in a analog controller

Set the sensor to joystick, and use the axis. The number represents which stick your using, and the threshold is the sensitivity(set high to stop motion after pressed). And search the forms, I just found this info out tonight from a form on how to use a 360’s controllers joystick in BGE.

PDX, do you mean want to know how to create a walk cycle for a character?

I think he means he wants to, for example, be able to hit left and have the character face left and walk that way, as opposed to hitting left to rotate left.

he can use a empty and a track to constraint i think to do what captain oblivion said.