character: mr library (update 25.9: scene setup on page 3!!)

link to the newest ( 22.8 ) walk animation

I need this (perhaps) for work… for intranet pages… or… kids pages, dont know yet… anyways, it’s a mascot, wearing our logo … he is mr library!


LOL. Funny!

Looks a little top heavy though. Maybe scale down the head a bit?


cool little dude…will we see him/her/it animated :stuck_out_tongue: ?

“it” is very cool :smiley:

perhaps the feet could be a bit larger, to counter balance the head?



kinda freaky lookin, but well done

Blue screen of death :smiley:

Belly and chest looks little cubik, other than that, great

thanks… I try to work on making him more round… I know what you mean… but somehow it just doesn’t work out really… heh… well, gotta try harder.
here’s a little update.


That’s a funny guy! Perfect for some kids’ intranet page. His “rear end” looks a bit boxy, though I guess it’s really because he needs a bigger butt to balance the belly, perhaps.

cool, but i’d make the neck shorter to have it a bit easier
to balance the head :slight_smile:

cya henrik

Cool :slight_smile:

So, how’s rigging going?


lol nice! i love the butt and i love his big head too =D

Maybe some little antennas (antenni?) for ears? Looks like a fun project.

that’s the spirit [!]

Hehe, funny model :smiley:
The way the chain (?) bends near the bottom makes it seem like the sign is almost weightless.

curtiss: ears sound like a great idea… I have to try it… thanks

pofo: the chain is cheap I know… but I used duplivertion in it, so it’s easy to adjust…

s68: i suck at building armatures, but I have a test avi for you guys :slight_smile:

so here’s the animation test:


The only prob with the animation that I can see is that his knee bends backwards slightly when he lifts his foot. However! Given how cartoony he is in nature, that might actually work to the scene’s benefit. Otherwise that is VERY cool! It must’ve taken forever to render lol. Great job!

Very nice, the animation really starts to give him personality.
Great character shows imagination.

That animation makes him/her/it look cute :slight_smile:
Lot’s of personality, even in that short bit.

Very nice anim :slight_smile:

It is just me or his left knee bends on both sides?


it sure does. I once asked in #blenderchat how you can control backwards-bending… or limit it, actually. for knees and hands… and I got several people saying:
a) it cannot be done
b) it can be done with iksolvers
c) it is coming in future versions

the b option seemed nice one, but I never understood the horrible looking setups, and, they still didn’t quite work… I know it’s my fault, I just dont have the patience… perhaps I’ll try one more time with this character, if I don’t succeed, I post the blend here and let’s see if somebody can fix him up?