Character: Odd Man

Hi there. Long time no see :smiley: anyway, thats my new project.

It’s gonna be some kind of halloweenish, odd man. Hope you like it so far!

Any critique and comment is welcome (and yeah, I’m not going to go for fotorealistic stuff :wink: )

Looking good so far. I’d go for adding some more lightsources for proper viewing though. Pretty hard to judge like this.

Thank you! Maybe that pic is better?

Definitely an odd one! :slight_smile: I would say it almost looks like a human version of the head of ET, especially from the side view. Only thing I would say that you could add would be some eye lids, just something to take the blank stare out of it and give it a little more personality. I like that the irises and pupils are different in each eye, helps with the oddness. Also some particle hair or a blobby mesh would be cool. Keep it up!

Thank you! :smiley:
Eyelids, yeah. I allready tried them, but always failed. And to my concept those eyes fit rather will, I never the less try to add the lids at the end (together with hair).

So, here is another update. Please note, that I have just begun to work on the crown.

Hope you like it so far!

Crown looks to be progressing smoothly. About the head though, I’d go for a bigger backhead, he almost looks like a worm now. But if you want to go real odd then you might be able to keep it as it is anyways…

However, good job man! Looks cool!

Thank you very much! :smiley:

I am trying to improve the back of his head ( I’m rather satisfied with the front) and I think I am and will be succesfull.

Here is an update. I became sick of the crown so I began with his cloth.

That was it for today. 8)

It just hit me that if you do not wish to make the head any larger you could just try to move the neck a bit forward. Your call. And nice clothing !

Thank you for your advice. I will consider it! :slight_smile:

here is an update, but please not that the spheres will be hands soon %|

I liked the previous crown a lot better. Where you could see more of the orange and I especially like the previous gold-material better. It had more of an odd look ^^

thank you. I didn’t change the material of the crown at all, I just turned off raytracing :wink:

I made the part of the crown shorter, I hope it is better that way!

here is another update (rendered with ao)

An improvement for sure ! Keep it up!


Here is again a update.

:smiley: Hope you all like it!

last update from me today!
hope you like it :slight_smile: