character on charater contact

Is it possible to track a rigged character part to another character rigged part.
In Elephants dream proog grabs emo’s arm and pulls him along.
I have tried this but have to key it every frame.
Is there a better way?

You can use a copy location or the trarck to constrataints. The easiest way to make it work is to add an extra “floating” bone to the target character, then add a copy location constraint to the other character’s bone, e.g. it’s hand, with the target being the armature of the first character, the BO: (one) field being that “extra” floating bone. You can then adjust the position of the “floating” bone to postion the constrained character’s hand wherever you want it.

Probably will only work with IK chains.


Thanks Mike_S.
This seems to be working now with a little work I think I have it so thanks agin.