Character- opinions needed!!!

This is my character. Is it raight or i have to change something? Please some critique.
I am amateur of blender so i can commit some easy mistakes. Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance.


Make the skin less reflective and add a world node instead of light sources. For the hair you should put some transparency (SSS if you can afford it) on the shader. Tweak his eyes to something less popped out.

I don’t like the color of his skin, but that’s totally subjective.

Thank you very much Esparadrapo! I’ ll try to keep it up.:yes:

Thanks to Esparadrapo here is my improved character. Anything to add?


the collar seems a bit off. particularly the angle of the cut on the front part.
(edit) also the shirt pattern is stretched in the shoulder area. try using live unwrap to tweak it into place.

Character looks like a happy drunk. His earlobe seems odd. Take a look at a real shirt to see how the different pieces of cloth are cut and stiched together to get an idea of how the plaid pattern should run, especially at the shoulders.

Here is another improvement of my character. Any new ideas?:wink:


He still looks like an alcoholic or with a strange disease.

Those eyes are freaky or scary, you choose.

Right off the bat i thought this was fan art as it looks almost identical to Arthur from Arthur Christmas. So id be careful calling him “your character”(your model yes… but i wouldn’t say he is your character) it is probably too far long for you to want to fix it. but in the future try in be a little more careful :wink: character likeness can get ya in some hot water. but other then that it is a very nice model. keep at it.

His shirt collar: the points of the collar line up with the opening in the shirt, they should point out some. Might want to paint in some buttons, including on the shirt cuffs. And add a shirt pocket or two. Shirts with cuffs and collars but without pockets are pretty rare.