Character Physics Issues?

So here whats happening,

I have a custom bounding box around my character because it is quite complicated and decided that this was the simplest method. Just for your information, the game is more of a robotic interaction simulator so the collisions don’t have to be perfect.
My first problem is that when i move my model in the environment, it bounces up and down, i’m not too sure why this is happening because it is on a flat plain. Any suggestions on what to do here?
Also my character sort of climbs the walls rather than just colliding with them, also something which I am not sure how to solve.

As always, any help is appreciated guys!

Hi I hope you are having a good day.

Set the character’s physics type to No collision, if that does not work post the blend file and I will “try” to find a solution.

All the best

why would I do that? i still need the character to collide with walls, furniture etc

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