Character Physics type issues


I’ve realized that character physics type in bge has some issues such as being unable to allow the character to do another double jump without making the jump so glitched .

Another issue which I’ve seen is that suspend dynamics for character physics wont work(maybe due to the fact that it only suspends ‘dynamic’ type physics.

why not use dynamics physics then ? issue with it is that they make everything look as if its floating.

The blend. Space to jump /a and d to move


Hi Lyricorp

Thank you for the blend,but apart from scripting(not really familiar with scripting) is there not another way to fix this issues ? also are this issues bugs which should be reported or is character type a in development physics?

Anyway this is the example of blend-file [ATTACH]401494[/ATTACH]

Its not a blend, its a script.
I use Character physics and i have no problem.
i use blender 2.74.