Character physics type object has no friction?

Greetings. I wonder if anyone has found a way to deal character physics type object for not having friction at all?
Friction seems to have no effect on this type of physics object so my character just keeps sliding if the surface is not completely horizontally flat.

I’m still struggling to find a solution for this issue. Character physics type has no friction at all and I can’t come up with a decent system to prevent my character from sliding. I can’t even figure out why friction is disabled with this type of physics?

I tried a system that prevents character from moving if it’s NOT on the ground, but this disables so many other features that I can’t use it. For instance if I’m jumping the character instantly halts movement since it’s not on the ground.

I would suggest not using the character physics. It’s much better to logic brick or python script it yourself and you’ll have a lot more control over how things work (ie sliding) than you would otherwise. There’s plenty of resources and tutorials for you to look at and, of course, the community. Get going!

Perhaps my topic was misleading but that can’t be the “solution for a problem” not to use something.
Character physics type works so well on all other areas I only have this one problem.

Basically my problem is that Character Physics type object has no friction at all, character keeps sliding all the time.

Still no 100% functional implementation Character physics so I believe to have read in another topic

@ Mperonen: If you would decide to use Dynamic Physics instead that wouldn’t be such a disadvantage in my opinion. Jumping and stepping could also be done with it, and especially control for friction.

If you just want to stop sliding then coding stopping for character is easier than coding stepping and jumping for dynamic IMO.

But yeah, character physics is not good for lots of things and generally when you want exact custom behavior it is often best just to abandon such specific wrappers and use more diverse “dynamic” physics type instead and build up from that.

Character physics have been discussed a lot. For any real utility it would need much more options and exposing the wrapper features such as step size, physics colliding options etc. It has been discussed a lot around here.

I can live with that. I can even change to dynamic to fix my issue. However it is quite odd in my opinion that Character Physics type Object has friction at all, or velocity zero by default when not moving. Now it just keep sliding and sliding forever. Kind of backwards :slight_smile:

Thank you all for tips anyway. I guess I’ll either wait for the development or just change the physics type.