character physics: weird force bug

there’s a weird bug in my game. as soon as i activate character or rigid body physics, some strange force seems to pull the characters - not down, as gravity should, but at a really weird angle. the characters are standing on a static plane. i checked my scene and there isn’t any force field. world settings are default, i didn’t change anything relevant (only sky color). what might be the problem?

You may have an object parented to your character that is colliding with it. This can result in continuous collisions that cause the character to fly off in a certain direction.

I have also found some strange behavior if I have the collision bounds set to zero for my objects. I think it’s recommended to have a small margin amount set.

Also, I haven’t had much luck with the character physics type and I still use dynamic, fwiw.

i just checked it, and the collision was the problem. thank you!

one more thing: when I use character or dynamic physics, my characters always float a bit above the ground. why? bound margins are all set to zero…