Character Physics

I’m new at Blender and I’m trying to make a game. I have a character meshed and boned and I need him to obey physics. I have a hill, and the character can go forward with W and Turn with A & D. I need him to be able to go up the hill without rotating or spinning wildly out of control. Can somebody please help me?

Hello Freakfrog14,

Without being an expert, I think that the problem you’re facing is the reason why the mouse was added to control the camera view of many FPS.

What does your current setup look like? There are plenty of good ways to set up a character, so we should be able to help, but I’d like to know more about what you’ve done already.

My is that I want the character to be dynamic in some way. Should I make a plane dynamic underneath the character and make the character a child of the plane?


Physics Help.blend (213 KB)

Thanks guys, I have it fixed