character pings off..

Hi all, I have a character with an armature. It is meant to be a patrolling enemy. When I play the simulation, the character flies off into the air. If I try it on a box, the box behaves. The character’s centerpoint and circular bounding limit is above the ground. I havr the armature set up as an actor with dynamics and I have tried making the skin of the character an actor as well. What’s the deal? Do I have to make the armature and the skin an actor with dynamics?

Also, is there a rest pose for pose mode? I have the bones posed in pose mode but want to adjust the character and need the armature to be back in it’s initial pose. Any help would be appreciated.


fireside had the same problem. You will find his solution in this thread:

Thanks. That seems to have done the trick. Now I just have to stop my character walking backwards. :slight_smile:


if your models are walking Backwards, usualy means that the models initial state is backwards…

To remedy this get the mesh into edit mode (tab key)
and select all (press teh"a" key untill this happens)

and press Rkey to rotate the mesh, Z to constrain to the Z axis, and type 180, then press enter…

now you must do the same for the armature… select the armature press R, and Z, and 180, then enter…

Hopefully you get the idea of what i am doing here…

my hypothisys is that your mesh and armature are faceing in the negitave (-y) direction on the Y axis (it is #uck!ng backwards)

if you turn you pawn around 180 degrees it may help this…

hope this makes sense :slight_smile:

have a nice day