Character portrait sculpt

decided to redesign an old mermaid character of mine

here’s the sculpt so far, trying out toporake also, it’s really nice for sharp edges


I’ll probably retopologize, unsure wether to leave the hair as mesh, with some curves for detail, or make it particle hair


oh good work, she just look like concept so much !!!

thank you =)

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shirt advice?

retopology done, thoughts?

started working on the hair, I’m quite happy with the front, not quite done with the back tho, and I still need to add some detail hairs

You might try rewiring the star under the lower eyelid. One other reco I may make is to trim the chin to a bit sharper shape and make it smaller more like the concept?

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I messed around with the topology for quite a bit and cant really take it out, I’m not gonna do much in terms of rigging/animation with this tho, just static poses, so it shouldn’t be too much of an issue, as for the chin, yeah, I’ll tweak that, thanks

hair done

added some small breaids (the sin under the hair will be painted dark, so the small bald spot shouldn’t matter

progress, any advoce on making eyelashes would be much appreceated