Character portrait

Modelling: Blender
Face sculpting: Zbrush
Texturing: Zbrush / Photoshop
Rendering: Blender - Cycles
Post: After Effects

A Portrait of a character I’ve been making for a short film project as well as for my portfolio.

Any / all thoughts welcome.

Cheers. Oliver.

wow not much critique you can give on this that is fantastic sculpting and modeling!! i will say that bags under his eyes are little too big to me but really isn’t that big of a problem

Very nice!!
I do have a suggestion, try toning down the gloss of his eye brows
but very good
excelent rendering! :yes:

Thanks for the feedback.

Here is a quick update. Toned down and reduced the eye bags, knocked down the gloss on the eye a touch. Also got rid of the upper frown line - this was intersecting with the hair line which looked odd to me.

Cheers. Oliver

That latest version is much more convincing and in aesthetic balance. Maybe the right eyebrow (his left) should be less pronounced/flowing into the skin gradually more on the right side, but thats (literally) a detail.

I would like to see this render with boosted lighting that doesn’t leave parts of the face black.

I like it a lot!! Good Job!! :yes:

i agree with kheetor add a fill light to the dark side of is face to lighten the shadows. Not only will it make the image look better but it will also reveal more detail in your fantastic work :slight_smile:

Another update.

Worked on the eye bags a fair amount to get a bit more natural sag and texture. Changed the eye shape and folds - not sure if the eye openings are quite big enough yet. also changed the flow of the brows. The right most end of the brows still need a bit of work.

johnnygibbs and Kheetor: Thanks for the feedback. Here is a render with the fill light boasted a bit. I quite like the image a bit darker on that side, seems more cinematic / contrasty. What do people think?

For anyone interested in some of the detail. Here is a render in daylight. Rendered with a single fairly bright HDR.

Here is a render showing displacement and normal maps only.

Also one final small test render showing the clothes etc. The hand skin shader isn’t any good yet.


Definitely “character” is the word I’d use to describe this work. It is instantly readable and recognizable as a grizzled old man with a gun and an agenda. Very nicely done. The hair shader might use some work to make it more soft in the close-ups, but from a distance, this is almost photo realistic.

I’m interested in seeing how you will be able to combat uncanny valley with a character so realistically detailed. Exquisite work, Oliver! Will we be able to see the short film?


i understand clearly what you mean about the cinematic look cause the dark shadow really gave the image a dramatic look. I personally like the stronger fill light but go for cinematic if thats what you like both lighting is great anyways

Beautiful!! The eyelids look too thin and there seems to be a gap between the eyelids and the eye. The eye should have a crease underneath it, specially since he is an old man. He should also have eyelashes I think. His nose seems a bit too red and his forehead looks odd, kind of blank maybe. Lastly, I think his neck could be a bit larger. As for the good things, the beard looks really good, the mouth looks very good, the eyebrows are good, the image just looks nice. The clothing also looks realistic, and so does the ear, with the subsurface scattering. The sculpting, displacement and details look really nice. Overall, really awesome image :D!!

Will definitely post more about the short film. There is a lot of work involved - and at the moment I’m concentrating on the shots and renders that will work in a portfolio / show reel. I will post a few work in progress shots soon.


Looking incredible! My thought on this one is that his eyes are a little dry…

This looks really amazing! I love it! :slight_smile:

Incredible, I hope someone gives you a job doing this fulltime, Good Luck!

This is amazing, very believable at first glance!

He’d be a terrifying lead character in a thriller movie. (I’ve got my popcorn … is the film ready yet?) :wink:

Looking forward to the movie!! :smiley: