Character problems (animation weird things and logic bricks)

I’ll have to explain this word for word since uploading my .blend file throws me errors.

So I followed this tutorial:

for making combos, pretty straight forward, only that that it keeps on repeating only the first move, what did I do wrong with the logic?
But the real annoying thing is: When the attack button (in my case “Z”) gets pressed too fast after eachother, or to many time, my character scales up to a very flat but massive size in the background.
If I end the GE there, my character returns to his usual spot, until I start the GE again or I move it to another frame with the “<-” or “->” keys (Wich then scales my character on the spot flat on the ground)

EDIT: no errors in Terminal.

Nach character normal:

Nach character bent out of shape:

Can you upload a screen of the graph editor while nach is the active object? :slight_smile:

Ok, done:

Found out something else, he deforms differantly depending what the active object is.

Try selecting nach and then pressing alt+a and applying the scale, other than that all I can think of is that you have scale key frames somewhere that you might have forgotten about. Hope this helps and if it doesn’t sorry I couldn’t be of more help.:slight_smile: If I think of anything else I’ll let you know:)

That can’t be it; all scales are 0.
And that wouldn’t explain why it would mess up differantly depending what the last active object was before starting the game.
I’ve uploaded my .blend file on file-dropper, here’s the link:
It only happens when you attack (the attack key is “Z”).
Press it a few times after each other and it will deform.

from what I can tell in your blend, when you play it something changes the scale of the armature to (65,65,0.1), I removed all of the scaling key frames in your animation but this just makes it change scale right away (no button pressed), so either I missed something in your blend that might still be affecting it, or the issue is located somewhere in your code. :(, sorry I couldn’t help you out, this is a very odd issue.

Okay, so here’s what’s going on. Kevincorrigan was pretty much correct. Your combo state set-up seems to be working. Just following the sequence of events showed me that when you press Z to attack while already initially attacking, you switch to the third state and start another animation, which is Cube.001Action, or something to that effect. Looking in the Action editor showed me that the scale is set in a keyframe in that action to what you show in your screenshot. Delete the keyframe, and everything should be fine.

You might want to not use Auto Keyframe (if you’re using it) and just use the I-key to place animation keyframes of the necessary types, or just remember to turn it off when you stop animating. I would also advise on applying the scale of the cube beneath the character and any other armatures / meshes / etc.

This may be a little late…but make usre you dont have 2 armature modifiers rather than 1…I overlook this sometimes

Kevincorrigan: don’t worry, turmed out in the end you were on the right track :smiley:

SolarLune: Thanks, that seemed to clear that problem.
I did in fact use auto-keyframe, and before that when I used the “I” shortcut I always chose “Loc, Rot, Scale”
Well thats that cleared up.

Superflip: No, I’d instantly notice if both modifiers are on; it bends up my character into some modern art sculpture XD