Character Progression - Blender Game

Hey guys, I started making a game in Blender, and I thought the best way to kick it off was with a character creation. So I’m creating Jacob, the main character, and I need to know what YOU guys think of certain parts of Jacob… Literally. So, I started with his boots and his legs. I need you guys to rate the picture from 1 to 10 to tell me whether I should move on to the torso, or work on the legs and boots a little more. Thanks guys, big help, peace.

P.S. The kind of character look I’m going for is a Fable type of style. Thanks again.

There is a difference between modeling for games and modeling for renders.
Games require much lower poly models to play well. You also don’t need a lot of
detail in the feet, because the feet will rarely be seen up close.

Here is picture of Link’s boots from Twilight Princess to give you an idea.

I’ll give your boots a 3 for effort, but you should look up some low poly modeling tutorials.
Good luck with your game. : )

And … the legs shape ( horizontal section) looks square?!
I pick one point for this, so you’ll end with 2! :wink: