Character Rig Appending Broken Every Other Time


Every other time I append my character rig it appears broken. The armature is missing, the mesh is unable to be selected, and it is all disorganized in the outliner with a strange icon next to it.

I am able to fix this by hitting Undo, and appending the rig again. The next append of the rig will be fine, but the one after will be broken again, and so fourth. It’s every 2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th… append etc to infinity. I have “Localize All” checked while appending.

The only other fix is to press L and go to “All” to localize all in the scene, which is a good fix for now, but I am giving this rig out to others and not all users will know about this fix.

Attached is a screenshot which shows the first appended rig on the left, and the second appended rig on the right. Attached is the rig itself. To produce the bug, simply open any scene and append the rig into it, then append a second time.


Black Plasma Rig (428 KB)

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Hi Arb,

i appended all your objects several times and it works well. Tell that users they need to uncheck “localize all” always… also for the first time when appending all objects. I would`nt call it fix. It is just the way they need to do it do append it or bring it to the scene.

Ah, thank you, that is one other way to do it!

Although this still has the problem of it being something that not all users of this rig will know about. I’m looking for a solution on the rig itself so this doesn’t happen. I don’t have this problem with any other of my rigs.

Hi Arb,

its a while ago since i played with organizing rigs and characters but maybe the tutorial series “Blender Animation Toolkit” and chapter 3.3 helps a bit to understand how it works and maybe to figure out where the problem is with your rig in a more professional way than my answeres. In my opinion it realy depends on what is needed and what kind of “workflow” is needed for your users. Good luck and maybe another blenderman has better ideas.

Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll try that out.

Worst case scenario is I can include some 3D text that doesn’t render which explains how to fix the problem, although that would be a bit of clutter.

So I tried those tutorials and didn’t have access.

And update: I’ve noticed that when I append it and get the glitch, it’s only certain objects which have the linked symbol, primarily those who have more than one “User.” I’ve been reading into the Data Blocks and finding these objects with more than one User and trying to delete them but having difficulty as there’s no way to actually delete a Data Block or find out who the Users are.

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