Character rig problem with Mblur

I have a problem with Mblur when animating the influence of a constraint (in one frame) in my character rig. I have animated the influence in 1 frame (on/off), and now the motion blur goes haywire.

The character is riding a motorcycle and stopping, when he stops he places his foot on the road. The constraint of the foot needs to be animated so the foot can stay on the road. The animation renders perfectly when MBlur is disabled, but when it is enabled the foot blurs all over the place, and I need MBlur. I havent tried it with Vector blur, but vector blur has given me ugly blurring streaks on similar scenes. Animating the influence of the contraint for the foot over multiple frames resulted in the foot jumping all over the place, both the influence and the location of the foot are working against each other.

At the moment I’m working around this by rendering the problematic frames seperately without Mblur and Photoshopping them together. But this problem is going to bite me in the ass with other animations I need to do. Re-rendering anything is going to make this workaround a living hell

Anyone has a solution?

P.S. I’m using Blender 2.49b

I have always found it easier to use vector blur and nodes

you will have a lot more control - but you will need to re-render if you haven’t already enabled vector

My scene has a lot of camera movement and planes with textures for trees. The trees are rendered with strange streaks when I use vector blur.

put them on a different render layer and composite them seperatly

What constraint are you using??

I eventually figured out the problem and why and the only work around was using vector blur. So yeah, Waylow’s solution is the best.

I’m using the “child off” constraint for the foot. I have 2 of these constraints on the same foot and i’m switching the influence from one object to the other on contact with the ground in 1 frame.

My problem is exactly the same as in your post.

I can render the biker in a different render layer and use vector blur, the motion blur for the biker is most apparent in the spinning of the wheels anyway.