Character Rigging Cost?

(RemminyCricket) #1


I’m wondering how much it would typically cost to get this character rigged.

I’d want to have some squash and stretch with him vertically, he’s supposed to be kind of bouncy. Nothing fancy with the arms or legs. Likewise, the mouth would always be simple and small, just different shapes. I’d want to be able to blink the eyes and let the enlarge a bit as well.

I know this isn’t much info, I’m just looking at ballpark numbers. If you have anymore questions, let me know.

(Jason van Gumster) #2

As this doesn’t appear to represent an actual paying job (more of a quote), it qualifies as deferred pay. Moved from Paid Work to Volunteer Work.

(burnin) #3

(RemminyCricket) #4

I’m offering to pay, I’m just asking for a price

(therealhanjo) #5

Depends on how professional you want the rig. If you just want some bones that bend the body without any IK stuff then I’d say around 10 - 20$ maybe.
If you want it with IK and Shape Keys then it gets more expensive. Could get up to 100 - 200$ for a professional rig.