Character Rigging Hourly/Daily Rates


I’m an animator looking to do some personal projects after hours. My time is limited, so I would like to save myself time on rigging, and I’m looking to get a general idea of the cost to get a character rigged.

I’m looking at characters about this complexity with squash and stretch controls:

What are your hourly/daily rates for rigging?

Please provide an estimate for how long you think it would take to rig a character of that complexity.

If you do character modeling, toss in those rates too.

Thank you

Hello there, i do rigs, and one rig like that 2 or 4 days is complete. Do you have facebook to chat on private?

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I am an expert rigger in blender. I have complete control of blend shapes and weight painting. please check out my website and i would love to collaborate on these types of characters.

Thank you,