Character Rigging Workflow?

Okay so I made a mesh in Makehuman, exported to Blender, made some clothes and now it’s time for rigging. I’m not entirely sure how to approach this and I was thinking of doing it two ways.

  1. Remove verts from the underlying clothes and body meshes that wouldn’t be seen.

  2. Keep them there but use a mask modifier (I only vaguely know what this does; I’ve never used it before).

How would you guys recommend doing this? Do you know of a better approaches to doing this? Cheers.

  1. Use the mask modifier

This is basically the method used by the Sintel team. What you’ll want to do is to create a vertex group, and add all the vertices you want to hide to that group. Then, add a Mask Modifier, set it to use that group, and enable the “invert” checkbox. The result of this should be that all the vertices within the vertex group you provided will now be excluded from the final mesh.

We use this method instead of simply deleting the vertices, since if you delete them, the shape of the subdivision surface ends up changing (especially around the edges of your cut-points)

Works great. Danke! :smiley: