Character Rigging.

Please take a look at my rigging. How should I setup the rigging for the top part of the body. where els should I improve it? Thanks!

I reckon that’s pretty good! I’d like to see it with the character attached but it looks good to me.

Depending on the type of character/animation depends on how you should move it. It’s quite good for a robot/android but perhaps a bit stiff for something more cartoony. You maybe need to move the back and head slightly as these remain quite upright. You could perhaps move the toes up before the feet come in to land.

The actual rig looks fine to me, you’ve got good feet and body controls in place so I think that’s all you need.

The rigging is going to be use for a human girl. I think there should be a better way to rigger the arms & hands to give a better control over the banding of the arms. What do you guys think? Did I did it correctly?

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