Character rigidbodies and physics

I have a rigged character here with rigidbodies and joints

But the skirt and hair physics arent working. Can anyone tell me why?

here is the character:

This is a ragdoll system. Surely you can use that. But it is not done with a few clicks ;).

Well I applied that to this character, As you can see it is fully rigged and it should have had ragdoll physics set up but I dont know why it is not working.

Can someone have a look at the blend file of this character that I linked to see what is wrong?

Ok after some work, I’ve gotten the ragdoll system working for the hair and skirt, but how do I parent the static rigidbodies to bones without altering the location???

If I use the childof constraint, it does this but the static rigidbodies do not seem to follow the armature bones because the lags go through the skirt, and parenting them properly results in the rigidbodies being at a completely different location.

I have linked here a revised version of the character blend file: