Character robot doesn't face forward view to move to another character


Well, I have automated the robot character, the error here to begin with is how can it move to the character facing forward, and it should adjust when ever it needs to.


How do I get this robot to face the enemy object it seeks?

I also will need to get a weapon working on it. I imagine the weapon is the same procedure for the character that is controlled.

Change the axis in the in the steering actuator.Play around with it.

I hadn’t thought about that, okay that has changed the direction it faces. It is a little off cue, it tends to go through part of the walls, and then goes to where the enemy was first located. It doesn’t do path following.

What could be causing that?

The enemy meshes are upside down once loaded. I had tried the axis but that doesn’t change them.

There aren’t many examples on the video site for this sort of stuff, it is fairly basic.

Could you let me see the blend?Use

I don’t use Python. I am using the bricks to get everything working. I had noticed while placing in another character I had in another layer, the sound effect for the enemy now sounds quite odd.

Is that the game engine struggling a little?

Who mentioned anything about python? is website:D

Yes, with examples codes to paste.

He was telling you tu upload the file on pasteall so we can download it and see whats the problem.

When you use the steering actuator you use a navigation mesh.
When the object that gets moved by the steering actuator touches walls, it means the navigation mesh does not fit that object.

Before you generate the navigation mesh you need to set the maximum size of the object to travel on that mesh. Or the other way around: Ensure your robot will not exceed the dimensions you choose when generating the navigation mesh.

I have resized the navigation mesh to only include the floor, so no object moving should go through a wall, even the enemy used to do that until I changed the mesh, and moved in the verts so that it wasn’t all over the floor beyond the deck so as for the robot not following, that is strange.

You had the wrong armature in the steering actuator.The player character head is split too.You could watch youtube videos about how to use the steering actuator or other logic bricks.

Which character, the enemies or the robot and the character player? It all seems correct to me.

Well yes, the player’s head was modelled one and then a mirror of it. That shouldn’t be a problem?


The robot character.Your video is private.

I’ve sorted that out, should play, strange why that happened.

As for the top section of the robot, well it is one whole piece, if you mean originally it wasn’t part of the rest, yes, but it is one sold now.

Set the axis for the steering actuator to plain y without the minus.

The robot just faces backwards, and moves in that direction.

Like i said before you have the wrong armature in the steering actuator.Set the axis for the steering actuator to plain y without the minus.

Armature.002 is an enemy, so the robot seeks the enemy to make contact with and the enemy is dead?

Unless you are meaning that, one enemy goes after one enemy? So one enemy can’t target two other enemies?

I deleted a few things in your blend.I deleted the roof and the support beams.You should make those no collision.Study the logic bricks in the blend.Here is the zip file.

You will get better in the future.You just have to keep trying.

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